Sunday, May 20, 2007

Take a Deep Breath

I was in the elevator, and as I frequently do I took a deep inhale and let it out. A woman goes, "Yeah, life is hard!"
I realized that people think we should only let out a big long relaxing exhale if we are having troubles, or are frustrated.
I remembered being in a long meeting and I took a deep breath and exhaled to give me some energy. The boss glared at me, thinking I was making a statement.
But a deep breath is a treat, we can take it anytime, anywhere. It is natural and relaxing. Don't wait until you are tense, tired or frustrated to use a deep breath. Find little times in your day to take a deep breath.
- in the car just before you start it
- at a long stoplight
- while your computer is booting up
- before you go to sleep
- before you lift something...even something light
Take a deep breath

Sunday, May 6, 2007

300 Days of Yoga

It has been one year since I joined YogaYoga. Considering days off, travel and a few days of laziness I estimate that last year I practiced 300 days or approximately 400-500 hours of yoga last year.
I still can't put one foot in my ear while standing on the other and wrapping my arms up my ass. In fact, I really can't do any spectacular poses at all. I can barely touch the floor in a forward bend.
Yet the internal benefits are manifest.
I have zero neck and shoulder pain. I used to have chronic, regular pain in my shoulder. My blood pressure has lowered.
More subtly my attitude is a lot more calm and peaceful.
I think it is an outstanding compliment to martial arts, and often helps me relax while we are doing some intense exercise. The other day I couldn't figure out a staff form and I just relaxed, went with it and eventually got it. I think a year ago I would have been frustrated and that would have only made matters worse. Of course I have to give a good share of the credit to martial arts training but yoga has been a good compliment.
Ok, gotta go see if I can get my elbow in my ear so I can say I am a true yogi.