Friday, March 23, 2007

Be Aware not Wary

A friend of mine was telling a story of how he was at a gas station and he saw two shady looking characters try to sneak up behind him. He watched and waited until one was close and popped him on the head with the handle.
Now the move wasn't what impressed me, it was that he was watching his surroundings. He was Aware.
Think about the difference between being aware of your surroundings and being afraid. Scared that someone might attack you. Being wary serves no purpose. In fact, when we are afraid we tend to tense up, pull inside ourselves and lose our focus. This makes us weaker and a better target.
If my friend had been frightened at the gas pump he probably would not have escaped the attack.
Now I am not just talking about awareness in a fighting situation. I also want to discuss the possibility of being aware in every day life. What if things are going bad. Are you worried about the outcome, or do you simply observe all the things that are going wrong. My guess is that you will get a better outcome if you are aware of what is happening without reacting in a fearful manner.
What about your body? Are you aware of what is going on? When you eat your body sends you all kinds of signals. Are you aware of your aches and pains and what they are telling you? Do you feel a cold in advance and ignore it, or watch it?
Be aware of how your relationships with others go and you will have a much better time in life. Be wary of others and you will live in fear that they will harm you.
Be aware of the most dangerous things in your life. Be it where you drive, walk or the possibility of a fire. However remote, be aware of them so you can react. But don't be afraid of the dangers, that will only weaken your heart.
Aware not thought for the day.