Thursday, August 21, 2008

On and off the mat --- Relaxation Response

Today, I had a demonstration of something truly amazing. If you conquer your fears, and relax your anxiety, problems start to disapear!

Some may say this is mystical, but the explanation could be much more simple.

Case in point. On my way to a meeting today, and already running late.

RED LIGHT! At this point there is nothing to be done. Talk about pressure....I am sitting there, with a BIG ASS MEETING Coming up....SITTING IN THE CAR, WAITING ON A LIGHT!

Then I remembered the NPR show this morning. That if you elicited a relaxation response at a red light you could have a significant effect on your health.

Well, I was still pretty sure this light was going to make me late for the meeting, but at least I could arrive with low blood pressure, no rashes and not a trace of sweat (or other bodily fluids). So I

took a deep breath

The light changed, and I drove one block to anohter red light.

breath, calm

Three red lights later I was calm.

The funny thing. All those lights slowed me down less than ten minutes. I made the meeting, smelling and looking good, and a little early.

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