Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dinosaur Tail

Sometimes the practice of a mind body exercise elicits humor. I particuarly find myself laughing in hatha yoga classes.

Take last week when Rebecca was teaching a hatha beginners class. We were doing a pose called cat/cow, and she wanted us to loosen up our hips. Her instruction was

"imagine you have a great big dinosaur tail behind you" she continued to say "now wag your tail back and forth, but not fast, smoothly, remember it is a dinoaur tail"

I started guffawing. The thought of everyone in that class having a dinosaur tail. I saw great big brontosaurus tails sticking out. Then my mind went through a series of images:

  • women worrying that their dinosaur tails were too big

  • J Lo and Beyonce got some good dinosaur tails

  • It would be so nice to have a dinosaur tail when standing, you could sit back on it.

  • it would be really cool in sparring and wrestling adding a whole new limb to your body

  • Let's see, in downward dog it would point out at a 45 degree angle, in half moon it would go straight up, in tree it would wrap arount you, full wheel would be interesting

It just went on and on. In fact, I walked around the rest of the day with a big dinosaur tail.

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